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Since the start of its activities, ROPI has been proven to implement successfully the projects it undertakes, in full agreement with the contract terms and with a customer focused approach, capable of coordinating and executing in parallel multiple works at the construction site, as well as flexible enough to adapt to the specific requirements. Also, ROPI’s manpower team is well organized to respond and offer the services needed in short time after any emergency customer’s call. These are just some of the projects we have undertaken:

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Dismantling and removal of homo silos in a polypropylene plant

After a fire which broke out in four homogenization silos of a PP Plant, ROPI was called to carry out on an urgent basis the following works: Piping, platforms and damaged equipment removal, cutting and removal of the fire affected silos shells and equipment modifications for the quick restart of the PP plant operations.

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Testing of crude oil & petroleum products rubber hoses

ROPI has been carrying out for 20 consecutive years the annual maintenance of the crude oil / petroleum products rubber hoses used for the ships unloading and loading operations at the Refinery offshore terminal and issues their test certificates required by the Authorities. The works include the disconnection of the rubber hoses at the ship anchorage area, their disassembly, cleaning, hydrostatic testing of every part, reassembly and the proper connection of the rubber hoses at the anchorage area.

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Power plant’s boiler pressure test

Elpedison SA has a 390MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in Thessaloniki. All the equipment such as Feed Water Tank, LP Drum, HP Drum, HP Economizer, IP Economizer and Preheater, were hydropressurized on test pressure with a range of 13,5bar to 300bar (depends on the equipment).

Construction and installation of cooling bases

The works included the construction and installation of new cooling bases for annealed steel sheet coils, the construction of all the accessories and the peripheral equipment, the electrical installation of the bases, their connection to the electrical panels, and all final checks and functional tests.

Construction of fuel tanks and piping in an airforce base

The project included the construction and erection of two JP4 fuel tanks in the 113 Airforce Base of Mikra, Thessaloniki, 15 m diameter / 10 m height each, along with the installation of piping, ancillary equipment and the electrical wiring.

Construction and installation of furnace bases

The work included the construction and installation of six new annealing furnace bases, the construction of the hydraulic piping and accessory components, the assembling of the bases, the electrical installation of the bases and electrical panels, checks and functional tests of all equipment.

Hot water generator drums

The project included the construction & certification per PED 97/23 of thirty four (34) new hot water generator drums (by means of steam injection) and their installation. The WPS and PQR procedures as well the welders’ certificates were fully approved by the owner before the project commencement.

Gangway installation on the breasting island of the refinery ship loading facilities

The project included the installation of a gangway that connects the dolphin C to the platform of the Breasting Island. The damaged parts of the gangway were removed and transferred to the shore where the new sections were assembled and then were transferred and installed at the Breasting Island by a floating crane. In addition, the LPG vent line was restored and the necessary concrete blocks were cast.

Construction of a 14” firewater line

The project scope included the construction of a new 14” underground firewater line, 1000m long within the Thessaloniki HELPE Refinery site, as an expansion of the firewater network. The main works consisted of the excavations, the construction and installation of the new line, the tie in connections with the network, the pressure testing and NDT checks, the installation of the cathodic protection system and the restoration of all site infrastructure (roads, pavements, ditches, etc.) at the end of the works.

Refinery furnace maintenance

The works included the isolation of the furnace, the decocking process, the opening of the manholes, the cleaning of the tubes in the radiant and the convection sections, the maintenance of the expansion joints, refractory brickwall repairs, the replacement of the steam generation tube manifolds removal inspection and refitting of the stack dampers.

Installation and commissioning of 4 pumps with theιr motor drivers

The subject of this contract work was the preparation of the required engineering study and  the subsequent dismantling of four pumps along with their motor drivers, the replacement of the concrete bases and the construction of the new ones per Code API 686 and finally all restoration along with the piping and electrical connections.

Fuel tanks maintenance

Maintenance works on fuel storage tanks, fixed or floating roof type. The operations include opening of the manholes on the shell and roof, complete emptying of the tank with air operated pump, ventilation and checks about the explosivity of the atmosphere, cleaning, roof supporting, checking for any differential settlement and shell geometry and restoration of the tanks and associated piping.

Maintenance of refinery steam boilers

Annual Maintenance of the Refinery Boilers with works including the installation blinds, removal of manways and other external components, mechanical checks of the steam safety valves,  tubes cleaning, pressure test and the final restoration of the boilers.

Valve works

Valve works during the oil Refinery regular maintenance, such as inspection, repair, restoration and reinstallation of valves of various types (gate, globe, piston, check, orbit, etc.) and of piping components (nipples, manifolds, drains, etc.), construction of piping tie-ins, hydrostatic testing and Post Weld Heat Treatment of the lines.

Maintenance of pressure vessels 

Pressure Vessels maintenance works such as opening, cleaning and inspection of the interior parts and filters, dismantling and maintenance of the external ancillary components (valves, level instruments, etc.), reconnections and hydrostatic pressure testing, according to ASME Code, Section VIII, Division I and additional provisions according to customer’s specifications.

Maintenance of cooling towers

Maintenance and Revamp of Cooling Towers in industrial Units with main tasks the restoration or replacement of the wooden structures (roof, decks, frame beams and columns, brackets, traverses etc.), the restoration of the water distribution system, the water collection basin and the outer shell. Also tasks such as the maintenance of the packing, drift eliminators and fan impellers.

Maintenance of refinery towers

The works consist of cleaning and checks of the bottom lines, tower shell welds, dismantling and reconnection of the piping, electrical circuits and instruments and by the end the pressure test.

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