Installation and commissioning of 4 pumps with theιr motor drivers

The subject of this contract work was the preparation of the required engineering study and  the subsequent dismantling of four pumps along with their motor drivers, the replacement of the concrete bases and the construction of the new ones per Code API 686 and finally all restoration along with the piping and electrical connections.

Refinery furnace maintenance

The works included the isolation of the furnace, the decocking process, the opening of the manholes, the cleaning of the tubes in the radiant and the convection sections, the maintenance of the expansion joints, refractory brickwall repairs, the replacement of the steam generation tube manifolds removal inspection and refitting of the stack dampers.

Gangway installation on the breasting island of the refinery ship loading facilities

The project included the installation of a gangway that connects the dolphin C to the platform of the Breasting Island. The damaged parts of the gangway were removed and transferred to the shore where the new sections were assembled and then were transferred and installed at the Breasting Island by a floating crane. In addition, …

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Hot water generator drums

The project included the construction & certification per PED 97/23 of thirty four (34) new hot water generator drums (by means of steam injection) and their installation. The WPS and PQR procedures as well the welders’ certificates were fully approved by the owner before the project commencement.

Fender replacement on off shore oil platform

On the oil platform of Hellenic Petroleum , in Thermaikos gulf, 7 fenders including treir steel structures, were replaced by new ones (manufacturer of the fenders was Fender Team AG)