Maintenance of cooling towers

Maintenance and Revamp of Cooling Towers in industrial Units with main tasks the restoration or replacement of the wooden structures (roof, decks, frame beams and columns, brackets, traverses etc.), the restoration of the water distribution system, the water collection basin and the outer shell. Also tasks such as the maintenance of the packing, drift eliminators

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Maintenance of pressure vessels 

Pressure Vessels maintenance works such as opening, cleaning and inspection of the interior parts and filters, dismantling and maintenance of the external ancillary components (valves, level instruments, etc.), reconnections and hydrostatic pressure testing, according to ASME Code, Section VIII, Division I and additional provisions according to customer’s specifications.

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Valve works

Valve works during the oil Refinery regular maintenance, such as inspection, repair, restoration and reinstallation of valves of various types (gate, globe, piston, check, orbit, etc.) and of piping components (nipples, manifolds, drains, etc.), construction of piping tie-ins, hydrostatic testing and Post Weld Heat Treatment of the lines.

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Fuel tanks maintenance

Maintenance works on fuel storage tanks, fixed or floating roof type. The operations include opening of the manholes on the shell and roof, complete emptying of the tank with air operated pump, ventilation and checks about the explosivity of the atmosphere, cleaning, roof supporting, checking for any differential settlement and shell geometry and restoration of

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